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Welcome to RF Phoenix-War

Our server with PVP concept which is package with system that will not be boring where all the players need to work together to build their character as they wishes. At the end, players will enjoy the game.


Since joining RF Phoenix-War, it means you have agreed to our rules which is written or not, or will be considered later.

About Questions:
    There are some question which is not to be discussed :

    -Damage (Character, MAU, Isis, LC etc), Avoidance, Defence, Critical, Accuracy etc

    Why no discussion about it? Because many factor that caused the different of Damage, Avoidance, Defence such as : Equipment, Elementals, Buff, 1vs2 factors, skills etc which player can’t count. And also, people are always feel cheated by system when they feel lost. To be known by all player that each job (warior, ranger, lc, mage) are created with its own specialization, understand that there are no character to be created superior from others
    Since this discussion lead us to no answer, then avoid it!

    1. Move the race or character that you feel better
    2. Skill up, improve equipment etc.
About War System:
    War system we adopt is the winners must be attacked by 2 other races. There are reason behind it
    1. Avoid Personal Conflicts between RL. This server is made for everyone, so don’t bring your personal conflict in it.
    2. Avoid Politics ally. Ally which will lead to disadvantages for some purpose and cause the critical of servers.
    3. Chance for all races to grow
    RF Phoenix-War restrict the rule for ally only for Crag-Mine Map, where this map is the proof of all races pride. Sanction : Reset CPT to RL/Council which is reported to break this rule
About Real Money Trading (RMT) and ETC:
    - RF-Phoenix-War allow Real Money Trading by players with its own risk, however, we suggest players to buy only from us, which is more reliable and safe.
    - RF Phoenix War is an International Server, so that’s why Race Chat should be using English Language at all time.

    - RF Phoenix-War forbid Account/Char Selling. Penalty : Ban ID
    - RF Phoenix-War request the most courteous act of all player to our staff, GM and owner about any of players needs. If players found guilty and misbehave, penalty will be kicked out of group and banned ID
    - Promoting other RF in RF Phoenix will get banned ID + IP.
    - Provoking others player in any purpose will get banned ID + IP.
    - Cheat, Bugs, third party program are strictly prohibited and will get banned ID + IP.
    - Any Conspiracy that harm our servers will get banned ID + IP.
    - Act as you are an owner, admin, GM or staff will get banned ID.
    - Insulting other player with abusive language will get ban chat 15 days and put in banned list for 30days. Do it again, get banned!
    - De-buff in safe zone in purpose? Report it! Banned ID 3/7days is waiting.
    - Using chaos during war will be warned to relog, if no action taken, will get kicked from server or Jade of Punishment for 7days is waiting.
    - Killing lowbies from same race? You know what will you get later ^_^
About Donation:
    - Donation only through VP
    - Donation can’t be refunded
    - VP can also be acquired from promoting our server through link given. Promoting our server is a media which will lead to the sustainability of server
    - donation will be refunded only if server is suddenly closed within 21days of donating. We strongly suggest to keep the receipt of transfer for this case claim process
    Any other Term and Condition will be followed and updated within time.

We Can Change These Rules at Anytime!
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